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Barbara Freedenberg is the owner of Files In Order, LLC. Prior to forming her business, she worked for 17 years as a practice administrator in her husband’s dental practice. She was responsible for billing, treatment planning, and insurance claims processing. In 2001, Barbara was suddenly widowed and became her own Daily Money Manager of her personal and business finances. After her husband passed away, she negotiated the sale of the dental practice immediately, while maintaining the tasks of keeping it marketable. This involved collecting all accounting documentation of the practice, ordering supplies, paying bills, depositing checks, managing the payroll, and filing federal and state income taxes. She worked hard to transition the practice successfully to the new buyer. Throughout the entire process, she maintained a keen eye on detailed accounting reports and kept track of all receivables due to the new owners and to herself.

At home, Barbara was able to successfully raise three adolescent boys as a single parent. In addition to the daily tasks of grocery shopping, carpooling and bill paying, Barbara maintained a household budget, purchased and sold homes and cars, and navigated through the college application process. She continued the art of negotiation and honed her organizational skill set. It was important to Barbara to understand her personal finances completely so she was not taken advantage of. She developed relationships with her CPA, estate attorney, and financial planner to gain the knowledge to maintain her financial freedom. This allowed her to feel safe and secure and raise her children without added stress.

Over the years, Barbara has watched her in-laws and their friends age. She has seen first hand that many seniors need assistance with paying their bills, organizing their files, and consolidating their debts. Barbara feels it is imperative that someone is keeping a watchful eye out to guard against identity theft and exploitation. Her life experiences, as a single mom, have provided her the expertise and compassion to help others. As a Daily Money Manager, Barbara will allow you to have the peace of mind and sense of security you deserve.

Barbara is a proud member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers and an active member of The Maryland-DC Regional Group of Daily Money Managers.