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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is A Daily Money Manager?

A: A Daily Money Manager is a professional who works with clients needing assistance in managing their personal finances. Files In Order does not replace the services your accountant, attorney, or financial planners provide. Rather, we complement them, making their work easier, more efficient, and less costly to you.

Q: How Much Do You Charge?

A: Each client is an individual, and his or her needs and scope of work vary. It is difficult to quote fees until we meet and evaluate your specific needs. Files In Order provides a 30-minute complimentary in-home consultation where we discuss the type of support you need. After that, we will provide you an hourly fee.

Q: How Do You Save Me Money?

A: By paying your bills on time, you avoid costly late fees and interest charges. This can be done in your home or through automatic bill payments online. Files In Order reconciles your bank and credit card statements to ensure that all of the charges are accurate to protect you against fraud and identity theft. Any medical out-of-pocket expenses you incur, we will work diligently and persistently to make sure you receive the reimbursements you are entitled to per your private insurance coverage agreement. We have the expertise and patience to negotiate your hospital or doctors’ bills and any other debtors you desire. Files In Order gathers documents for your tax and financial advisors, so we save them time, thus saving you money.

Q: How Long Will You Need to Work With Me?

A: Each client’s needs are different. From experience, the amount of time we spend together is usually more extensive initially. As we continue to work and set up systems that benefit you, that time usually decreases. Files In Order will recommend what we feel is in your best interest, but of course, the decision is ultimately up to you.

Q: Are You Insured?

A: Yes definitely! As a member of The American Association of Daily Money Managers, Files In Order has liability coverage, which is specific to the scope of work we perform.

Q: Will My Personal Information Be Safe With You?

A: All of your personal information is held in the strictest of confidence. We will only speak to the individuals you have authorized. Files In Order adheres to the American Association of Daily Money Managers’ Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.