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Negotiate a Better Rate For Services

A very important part of budgeting is to evaluate the expenses you pay for services and make sure you are not overpaying. Telephone, internet, cable, newspaper and insurance are some services that may be negotiated for a lower rate.  By negotiating a better rate, you can save a lot of money over the course of […]

Cyber Fraud and Ways to Prevent It

One of the many advantages of belonging to the American Association of Daily Money Managers is the informative webinars they provide. The latest one I participated in spoke of identity theft through cyber fraud and ways to prevent it. As we increasingly depend on electronic data to conduct our daily transactions and with our increasing […]

Taxes Are Filed-Organize For This Year

Now that your taxes are completed and filed, it’s a perfect time to clean up your paperwork and get organized for this year. By being organized, the task of completing your taxes for 2015 will not be so overwhelming. Here are some suggestions: 1) Make sure your tax returns are in a safe place where […]

Tax Season-Tax Scams

Now is the time of year that your personal statements for the tax year ending 2014 are arriving in the mail. These are important documents that your accountant will use to prepare and file your taxes. This is also a prime time for tax scammers who may pose as IRS agents to contact you to […]

New Year – New Beginning

This past Thanksgiving our family packed brown bags with sandwiches, waters and healthy snacks to hand out to homeless people gathered in the parks of downtown DC. Our young adult children realized how fortunate they are as well as how good it felt to give back to others less fortunate. This brought on a discussion […]