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New Year – New Beginning

This past Thanksgiving our family packed brown bags with sandwiches, waters and healthy snacks to hand out to homeless people gathered in the parks of downtown DC. Our young adult children realized how fortunate they are as well as how good it felt to give back to others less fortunate. This brought on a discussion about the importance of living within our means and saving money.

Regardless of your income bracket, you should always know and understand your expenses. A vital part of budgeting and planning is putting money aside into savings. This may be needed for unforeseen “emergency expenses” or used for well deserved vacations.

With 2015 approaching have you started thinking about your goals and resolutions? Is getting a handle on your expenses one of them? Is becoming closer to financial independence another one? Would you like to have a plan that permits you to pay your bills on time to avoid costly late fees and allows you to save money for a vacation or unforeseen emergency?

Files In Order can work with you to track your expenses to see where your money is going and set up a budget for 2015. The New Year will be here soon. Let’s make 2015 financially rewarding and secure.